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Live virtual course led by world-class experts.

Get inspired, strengthen your network and deepen your knowledge on [a range of leadership, management and technology trends] in one day live virtual course with
world-class experts and invited speakers.

Participants will include professionals from various roles and industries.


Solve a specific problem


Learn from the world’s best


Cutting-edge knowledge


Face to Face Live Interactive experience

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Learn from the world’s best.

Our instructors are among the world's most accomplished, inspiring, thoughtful, and original minds. Connect to an exclusive, small-group class and share in their unparalleled knowledge and experience in one-day workshops.

Ask questions and interact.

Be in the same virtual room with world-class experts, ask questions, and share experiences -- our live, exclusive workshops give you deep knowledge of a topic through group practice, sharing, role-playing scenarios, and Q&A.

Gain a unique & elite network.

Our community of invited-only members only includes the best of the best. Build lifelong relationships with our world-class teachers, their networks, and our peers. 

What You'll Learn

We train rising leaders - whether focused on management, design practices, or approaches to effective leadership, our courses are designed to give professionals —both employees and owners— the expertise, practical tools, and inspiration they need to generate positive change in their workplaces, their communities, and the world at large.

Our members decide who is the world-class talent that best suits their needs. Here is a list of the most rated world-class experts for upcoming courses.


Strengthen your network.

5000+ professionals from all over the world have already joined our exclusive community; here are a set of companies they work for:


"The holistic experience was in a very high standard, that allowed us to be fully immersed in the learning experience, connect with the world-class professors and learn the new business trends, in the comfort of my own place"

Jenny Crawford , VP of Marketing

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Live virtual workshops for


Live virtual workshops with world-class experts - a comprehensive range of workshops for rising leaders and executives at all career stages.

from $4,999

per students per workshops

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  • Max 30 invited members

  • Interactive workshop led by the talent

  • Breakout with the talent

  • Once in a lifetime experience


Customized live virtual workshops with world-class experts. Create inspiring learning moments for your employees. Tailor-made for your organization and its unique challenges. Designed to suit all organizational levels.

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  • Led by top leaders and world-class experts

  • Tailored for your organization

  • Interactive and virtual workshops

  • Small group of employees

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from the Live Virtual Workshop?

Live virtual workshops are conducted using Zoom over one or two days. They are led by a world-class expert on a specific topic. Only a small group of attendees will be admitted (max 30 members). Members can learn and interact with the world-class expert, as well as other students.

Who are the world-class experts?

Our teachers are ranked among the world's best experts in their specific fields and bring a range of leadership, management, innovation, and marketing skills that cannot be found in classic university programs or online courses.

Can I ask questions to the world-class instructors?

Yes. All the live virtual workshops are in real time 2-way video conferencing to allow all the attendees to talk to the instructor.

Can I ask questions of world-class experts?

Yes. All the live virtual workshops are conducted in real-time 2-way video conferencing to allow all the attendees to talk to the instructor.

How many participants are allowed per live virtual workshop?

We limit our live virtual workshops to invited-only members (small groups of max. 30 participants) because we want you to have an interactive, collaborative, and immersive learning experience with world-class experts.

Does my virtual course count toward a Certification?

Yes. All our live virtual workshops are eligible for Gosteply Certification and signed by the world-class expert.

Can I network and get to know other participants?

Yes, we’ll have dedicated channels for both course-related discussion and networking with fellow participants. You can also join our group chats before, during, and after the event to maintain your connections.

What are the timezones?

Each course meets for 3 hour live sessions on 2 consecutive days. You must attend both days.We offer two timezones: US to Asia/Australia
- San Francisco time: 5 PM - 8:30 PM
- New York: 8 PM - 11:30 PM
- Singapore/Hong Kong: 8 AM - 11:30 AM (next day)
- Sydney: 10 AM - 1:30 PM (next day)
Look Up Your Time Zone Americas & EU
- San Francisco time: 8 AM - 3 PM
- New York: 11 AM - 6 PM
- São Paulo: 12 PM - 7 PM
- London: 4 PM - 11 PM
- Amsterdam/Berlin: 5 PM - 12 AM
Look Up Your Time Zone

How can I get invited?

Our exclusive community only includes the best of the best. Gosteply members can join by receiving a personal invite from another member or through the waiting list. Waiting list members can get early access by inviting other talents into our community or by telling us more about their unique story.